Brock Kentaro

“The brother of Gunrock Kentaro, I am the world's greatest duelist!”

—Brock Kentaro

Brock Kentaro is one of the main protagonists of the manga/anime series, V-Monsters!. He is Yugi Granger's other best friend. He is an extremely incredible duelist who is somewhat cocky but knows a good challenge when he sees one. He is currently known as the fourth, and eventually third best duelist in the world, after Jamira sacrifices himself, his rank moves up.

First Appearance (Anime) V-Monsters! N/A
Appears in V-Monsters!
Age 10 (V-Monsters!)
Team V-Heroes
V-Monsters! Terranoka (All Elements), Bionic-Armm & Terramon, Terranoka's Shield, Terranoka's Ruler, & Terranoka's King
  • Terranoka (Earth)
  • Terranoka (Fire)
  • Terranoka (Water)
  • Terranoka (Wind)
  • Terranoka (Lightning)
  • Terranoka (Steel)
  • Terranoka (Light)
  • Terranoka (Dark)
  • Terranoka (Dragon)
  • Bionic-Armm
  • Terramon
  • Terranoka's Shield
  • Terranoka's Ruler
  • Terranoka's King








Main article: Brock Kentaro's Decks

Brock uses a "Terranoka" Deck, which focuses on summoning Terranoka and finding ways to use it effectively, by utilizing its ability to morph into different element-themed monsters. He uses specific strategies based for each Terranoka: like using Spell Cards for Terranoka Ghost, or Enhancement or Field Cards for Terranoka Light.


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