Yugi Granger's Deck has evolved greatly within both the anime and manga versions of V-Monsters!. His Deck mostly contains "Elemental" monsters, and his strategies normally focus of Combination attacks, or the aid of either Spell or Trap Cards to boost the effects of a specific stat.

In the Underground Duels Arc, he gains a V-Monster called "Ragnarok" (which becomes his Signature V-Monster), a V-Monster of its own accord. This V-Monster is known for Instant Combat  with the "Elemental" V-Monsters. He reveals that this kind of Special Summoning  can be used without a Spell or Trap card.


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Elemental WarriorEdit

In the manga, Yugi uses an "Elemental" Deck, same as that of his anime counterpart. Though he later switches to "Combination Warriors" as he felt that he dishonored V-Monsters while Dueling Giovanni Maximillion, Yugi uses this Deck once more against Giovanni Maximillion, wanting to symbolically get his revenge, and prove that he is capable of defeating the creator of V-Monsters.

Opponent(s) Chapter(s) Outcome(s)
Kale Princeton 1 Lose
Gunrock Kentaro 1-2 Win
Hanabi Raku 3 Win
Brock Kentaro 3 Win
Abigail + Yori 4 Win
Orion Defenders 4 Win
Clint Mason 5 Unfinished
Brock Mason 5 Lose
Clint Mason 5 Win
Brock Mason 5 Win
Declan Pyram (tag w/Brock) 6-7 Win


With the "BETA-Warriors" Deck, Yugi was forced to use Machine-type monsters, focusing on defensive strategies and maneuvers. This deck was given to him by Viper Vicegrip, who had wanted to defeat Yugi by forcing him to use a starter deck that he is not use to. The advantage to these monsters, their defense stats are higher than average, but Yugi most combine using "Polymerization" to create stronger V-Monsters.

Opponent(s) Chapter(s) Outcome(s)
Viper Vicegrip 6 Draw

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